About AAR Digitals

I am Anupama Joshi and I have learnt to make my site AAR Digitals. The site is still in the process of getting better. I am here to explain to you the importance of Digital Marketing periodically.  I am an intern learning digital marketing from Digital Deepak and making an effort to take Digital Marketing as my career.  I intend to be a Freelancer and also a mentor for beginners in Digital Marketing.  I am interested in keeping you all abreast with the nuisances of Digital Marketing as and when I learn the modules.

Once u subscribe to my site, be the first one to be informed about my latest blogs comprising information on the present digital marketing trends.   As of date, two of my blogs are already published on my site and looking forward to publishing many more.  My blogs will be related to both health and Digital Marketing

All my learnings will be compiled as blog posts and published accordingly.

Looking for a successful learning journey. I am glad that my fellow interns of DDIP also have done a great job in their blogs.  Refer to the top-5 books for self-growth.

You can reach us at admin@aardigitals.com for any clarifications.

Please leave your comments below about the article and do let me have your email ID to send my next blog post. Do encourage me to make some good blog posts for you. 


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