What is Digital Marketing?

To explain the importance of social media mix

Digital marketing is the effort of promoting and selling products and services using the internet and reaching through various digital or electronic channels like online marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, web-based marketing and so on which help you reach your ideal customer by making the right offer at the right place and at the right time.

Digital Marketing is nothing but simply Marketing your products and services that the market desires in a Digital Way!  It is a medium to get your products or services in front of your customers or your prospective customers in the most convenient way.

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Who can learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be embraced by all big and medium-sized business owners, Marketing Professionals, Entrepreneurs, students and all others who are looking to hone their marketing skills the digital way.

Need for Digital Marketing

In today’s era, most of your customers or leads are available online on social media like Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Twitter and all other news sites that are searching for information on products and services.  Hence, it becomes inevitable to make your presence felt on these platforms so that customers learn more about your products and services in the most convenient way and in turn drive conversions.

It is one of the most attractive ways to attract, engage and delight your customers Online.

In 2020, a total of over 80 per cent of consumers across the globe shopped online: reaching nearly 90 per cent each, the leading regions that year were South America and Asia.

The number of online shoppers for 2021 is pegged at 190 million compared to 150 million last year, according to Consumer Internet, Redseer

India’s Internet user base is expected to touch 900 million by 2025, up from 622 million now, which will lead to multifold growth in online shopping, as per a joint report by MMA India and media agency GroupM

How does Digital Marketing Work?

There are several tactics that one needs to learn.  But all these strategies work in tandem to bring out the best results for your business by attracting prospects, retaining your customers by nurturing your relationships and pushing the right offers to at an appropriate time to your audience or leads who will eventually appreciate and respond.

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We know that most of our purchasing decisions now begin online.  Be it looking for any mundane jobs like fixing the faucet or looking for our groceries, we look up to the internet, for its views, reviews and then mark up our decisions.  Hence, an online presence is mandatory for everybody who wants to trade and remain in business.

To achieve the highest potential through Digital Marketing, Digital Marketers have to dig deep into the vast and intricate nuisances to design strategies that make an impact.

Let’s highlight the benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Presence on digital media creates a great impact. It creates an awareness of your product and engages your customers both before and after-sales
  • Social sharing of your business information can help in promoting it rapidly.
  • The right offers can be presented to your customers without delay and at the right time
  • Helps in acquiring new leads and helps them in nurturing and thereby monetizing.
  • Shortens the buyer’s journey to a great extent by presenting the right fit when they actually need
  • Helps you understand your customers, learn important data through metrics and design campaigns accordingly.
  • Digital Marketing is measurable. It allows you to quantity success or failures and re-design your campaigns
  • Digital Marketing helps you reach a larger audience compared to traditional advertising.


Few ways of Connecting with your audience through Digital Media – They need to be designed in context with the goals of your Business.

1. Content – Content is always the king. Talk about the problems of your customers and offer solutions to them.  This keeps your audience hooked to you always. Content can come up in your blogs, websites, video content, display ads, emails, social media posts, text and multi-media messages etc.

2. Social Media presence – Making an impact of your products and services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  LinkedIn etc give substantial visibility on Social Media

3. Email Marketing – One of the best, economical and proven media to stay connected with your clients and follow-up with them in regular intervals. Regular emails to your customers improve branding and thereby improve retention.

4. Ads – Google Ads, Facebook Ads are a few of the many best ways to promote your business and thereby help     your audience reach them to your website

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – One of the best ways to optimize your website is to attract visibility to your site and improve the ranking on the google search engine and thereby traffic to your site.

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Integration of all the above tools in an efficient way can prove to be the best digital marketing strategy that one can implement. These batteries of operations look very scary but can be deployed one at a time depending on the campaign. Click to know more about SEO Checklist for beginners which give a complete overview that every digital marketer needs to know.

Designing the best Social Media Strategies are pivotal for any digital marketer to scale a business successfully.

Understanding the E-commerce business model helps digital marketers to make and take informed decisions.

Read the 8 marketing lessons well explained and in detail, learn more about designing a website without coding too.

Read this blog to have deeper insights and know the difference between traditional marketing vs digital marketing.

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